Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chapter 7- What NAV will be applicable on my order?

This is the next part of my previous post Chapter 6 - When to invest in Mutual funds .
2 PM  is cut-off time specified by SEBI

If you place your order WELL before 2PM on a trading then you will get the closing NAV of that day .
i.e If markets goes down , you will get more units  and if market goes up you will get less units.

There is no way to buy Units at previous trading day's NAV. 

If you place order on or after 2 PM then NAV of next trading day will be applicable on your order.
Orders placed near 2 PM , like 15 minutes +-  are processed on best effort basis. May be your order process on same day closing NAV or May be with next trading Day closing NAV.

There are 3 time slots when mostly market touch their peak / low of the day.
10-11 AM
1-2.30 PM
3.30 PM afterwards (in square off /closing session)

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