Friday, February 4, 2011

Chapter 1 - New to Share Market , Don't invest in shares !

Yes , you read right. Don't invest in share market if you are new.  Invest in Mutual funds!!
Thanks to Mutual Funds Industry !! Your money will be managed in shares by expert team who have full knowledge of share market and who keeps buying selling shares in BSE and NSE on your behalf.

These expert have best knowledge and best salary and incentives for their work.
Word of Caution : Not every mutual fund will make you rich . You must find best among thousands to multiply your money.
But there are mutual funds who are giving excellent returns since their inception (10-15 years )
One of my favorite mutual fund is Reliance Banking MF (Growth option)

Tip: Never invest in Dividend option   Mutual fund always opt for growth option.
To understand the problems of Dividend option read this post.

Which Mutual fund is best to invest click her to know more ...

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